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Charge & Prospectus

Risk Disclosure Statements
• Invest in emerging markets is subject to higher volatility and higher risks (e.g. liquidity risk, currency risk, political risk, regulatory risk and economic risk).
• The portfolio may invest in non-investment grade debt securities (for example, convertible securities, mortgage or other asset-backed securities) of issuers in emerging market countries. Such investments may be subject to high volatility and involve significant risk, including leverage risk, market risk, liquidity risk and the risk of issuer or counterparty default or insolvency, which may potentially result in a total loss of your investment in the portfolio.
• Investment in the portfolio may also involve fixed-income securities risks, illiquid assets risk, country risk, currency risk, management risk and credit risks. The value of the portfolio can be volatile and can go down substantially within a short period of time. It is possible that the entire value of your investment in the portfolio can be lost.
• The portfolio is entitled to use financial derivative instruments for hedging and efficient portfolio management purposes which may involve additional risks. In adverse situations, the portfolio's use of derivative instruments may become ineffective in hedging or efficient portfolio management and the portfolio may suffer significant losses.
• Investors should not rely on this document alone to make investment decisions.
• The regulatory requirements of SFC state that investors should not invest in the product unless the intermediary who sells it to you has advised you that the product is suitable for you and explained how it is consistent with your investment objectives. Note: Fundsupermart.com is a self-directed online distributor and we only provide limited personal financial advisory services upon a particular request from client.
AB FCP I - Global High Yield Portfolio (USD) A2

Investment Objective
The Portfolio seeks to produce high current income as well as overall total return by investing primarily in a portfolio of high yield, non-investment grade, debt securities of issuers located throughout the world, including the U.S. and emerging countries. The Portfolio invests in both U.S. dollar and on-U.S. dollar denominated securities. The Investment Manager utilizes the investment research of both its global fixed income and high yield teams.

Important Information
A portfolio of AB FCP I. AB FCP I (referred to as “AB”) is a mutual investment fund (fonds commun de placement) organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Prior to 5 February 2016, the Fund’s legal name was ACMBernstein, its trading name was AllianceBernstein.

Asset Class Fixed Income Funds Minimum Initial Investment HKD 8,000.00 / USD 1,000.00
Sector High Yield Minimum Subsequent Investment HKD 6,000.00 / USD 750.00
Geographical Allocation Global Minimum RSP Investment HKD 1,000/ USD 150
Launch Date March 14, 2002 Minimum Redemption Amount USD 1,000
Launch Price USD 4.43 Minimum Holding USD 1,000 / HKD 8,000
Pricing Basis Forward Pricing Latest NAV Price 3-month Price History (as from June 27, 2017) USD 15.21
(as of June 26, 2017)
Fundsupermart Risk Rating 4-Moderately Low Risk Fund Size USD 23,099.14 million
(as of April 30, 2017)
Historical Dividend - Annualised Dividend Yield -
Dealing Date for Buy On order placement date Dealing date for Sell On order placement date

Investors are advised to note that the Minimum Initial Investment Amount, Minimum Subsequent Investment Amount, Minimum RSP Investment Amount, Minimum Redemption Amount and Minimum Holdings are imposed by Fundsupermart.com as part of our dealing services and may differ from the Fund's prospectus.

Annualised Dividend Yield = {[(1+(Dividend Per Unit/Ex-Dividend Date NAV))^Dividend frequency] - 1} X 100. It is for indicative purpose only. The amount of dividend is not guaranteed and subject to Fund Manager’s discretion.

Currently, for all cash dividend payout funds, cash dividend will be deposited into fund currency Cash Account.

Fund House


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FSM Normal Sales Charge * 0 % Current Promotional Sales Charge -
FSM RSP Sales Charge * 0 % Other Significant Fees Remarks
Annual Management Charge 1.7 % Annual Management Charge (Mother Fund) -
* Investors with Silver, Gold and Platinum status are entitled for further discount. Investors may be subject to Platform Fee. Please click here for the details of the Fee Schedule.
The table below shows the fund holidays for this fund within the next 10 business days.
Hong Kong Public Holiday
There are no upcoming public holidays for this fund.
Fund Holiday
July 4, 2017

There will be no pricing on Hong Kong Public Holidays and Fund Holidays declared by individual fund managers. Pricing of the funds will be resumed on the following business day.

The above fund holidays are based on the latest information provided by the individual fund houses. Omissions may occur in the event that Fundsupermart.com is not informed on time.

Remarks: Please note that if a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is issued on any dealing day, all or part of the transactions would be suspended. The transactions will be executed on the next dealing day. Kindly take note of the announcements on our website.

Fund Performance2
Cumulative Performance
Period 1-mth 3-mth YTD Since Launch
Returns (%) - HKD 0.55 2.62 5.54 240.88
Returns (%) - USD 0.33 2.17 4.93 240.86
Period 1-yr 2-yr 3-yr 4-yr 5-yr
Returns (%) - HKD 11.95 12.06 9.96 21.67 33.25
Returns (%) - USD 11.36 11.36 9.26 20.99 32.57

Other figures
3-yr Annualised Volatility 5.7% (HKD) 5.82% (USD) 3-yr Sharpe ratio 0.58 (HKD) 0.54 (USD)

Source: iFAST Financial (HK) Limited

Performance figures are cumulative returns based on the price of the fund as at June 22, 2017, on NAV-to-NAV basis, with dividends being 'reinvested' on the dividend date. In cases where a constituent fund is denominated in a currency other than the HKD, prevailing foreign exchange rates obtained from a licensed bank in Hong Kong will be used for the conversion of the returns into HKD terms.

Calendar Year Performance
Calendar Year 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Returns (%) - HKD 14 -5.25 1.56 5.08 16
Returns (%) - USD 13.94 -5.18 1.52 5.04 16.29

* For fund(s) with performance figure less than 1 calendar year in the 1st year of its launch, the performance figure shown is calculated since launch until the end of the particular calendar year.

Fund Historical Price (Latest Dealing Date: as of June 22, 2017)
Period 1-yr high 1-yr low 3-yr high 3-yr low All time high All time low
Price(USD) 15.2 13.46 15.2 12.02 15.2 3.69

Source: iFAST Financial (HK) Limited

Historical prices shown are the NAV prices and are based on the fund’s currency. Please click on the value to see the actual date. The "All time high" and "All time low" prices are the highest and the lowest NAV prices from the first dealing date since inception and the latest available dealing date respectively.


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Please note:

  1. Unit price is the NAV price, sales charges are not included.
  2. Investment involves risks. The price of securities may go down as well as up, and under certain circumstances an investor may sustain a total or substantial loss of investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of the fund. Fund(s) may invest extensively in financial derivatives. Investors should read the relevant fund's prospectus for further details including the risk factors before making any investment decision. An Investor should make an appraisal of the risks involved in investing in these products and should consult their own independent and professional advisors, to ensure that any decision made is suitable with regards to their circumstances and financial position. The above materials are issued by iFAST Financial (HK) Limited and have not been reviewed by the SFC.
  3. When the investment returns of a fund are denominated in a foreign currency other than the USD/HKD, US/HK dollar-based investors are exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. RMB is currently not freely convertible and is subject to exchange controls and restrictions. There is no guarantee that RMB will not depreciate. If you convert Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency into RMB so as to invest in the fund and subsequently convert the RMB redemption proceeds back into Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency, you may suffer a loss if RMB depreciates against Hong Kong Dollar or other currency.
  4. To comply with SFC regulatory requirements, if the fund has been launched for less than 6 months, no performance figures will be shown; if the fund has been in existence for less than 1 year, but more than or equal to 6 months, the latest the latest periods (e.g. latest month, latest quarter, year-to-date, etc) figure will be shown on regular publications such as a monthly fact sheet.
  5. This fact sheet is compiled by fundsupermart.com from the individual fund management company's public information material, and meant for information only. Whilst all attempts have been made by fundsupermart.com to present the information accurately and completely, mistakes and omissions do sometimes occur. Readers are advised to read the prospectus before making any investment decision. It is important that you read our disclaimers. >>
  6. Funds which are invested in emerging markets may involve a higher degree of risk, and may be more sensitive to price movements relative to the developed markets.
  7. The fund / the investment manager may at its discretion pay dividends out of the capital of the fund or charge all or part of the fund’s fees and expenses to the capital of the fund (as the case may be).
  8. In the case where the fund may pay dividends out of capital, dividends paid out of capital amount to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor's original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Such dividends may result in an immediate decrease of the net asset value per share/unit.
  9. In the case where the fund may charge its fees and expenses to capital, charging all or part of the fees and expenses to the capital will result in income being increased for distribution, however, the capital that the fund has available for investment in the future and capital growth may be reduced.
  10. The net asset value of a fund that invests in high-yield bonds may decline or be negatively affected if there is a default of any of the high yield bonds that it invests in or if interest rates change.
  11. Other key risks that may relate to the relevant fund including concentration of investments in particular types of specialized debt or a specific geographical region or sovereign securities.